Lesbian Family Affair 4

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Lesbian Family Affair 4

Fauxcest is in. Lesbians have always been in. So, what happens when you mix them up? Some pretty fan-fucking-tastic roleplay and some faux-real awesome sex.

Up first, MILF extraordinaire Tanya Tate is ravished by blonde youngins Tiffany Watson and Summer Day. After discovering dildos in their mother’s office, Tiffany and Summer get to playing — but it isn’t sexual yet! Instead, they seductively rub Tate’s vibrators on their faces, and take turns hitting each other with a paddle. “Our mom is probably, like, a secret whore!” Tiffany tells Summer as they curiously explore the other toys. “We have whore blood in us!” Summer replies.

When Tanya walks in on her daughters messing around with her stash of sextoys, she decides they need a lesson in keeping their hands to themselves. “I could ground you, but that’s too good!” Tanya enforces, instructing both girls to eventually get naked. Tanya proves that mother knows best, and takes turns eating both her girls out until they eventually cum.

In the next scene, Jasmine Summers plays a convincing mommy’s little girl. She sits on Mercedes Carrera’s lap and gives her sweet, sweet kisses — much to the jealous dismay of her sister, Maya Bijou. “It’s always about you!” Maya grumbles, arms folded across her chest. “Sweetie, I love both of you!” Mercedes gleefully exclaims, to which Jasmine requests some “special time.”

And it’s pretty fucking special. Maya gets a taste of both her mother and sister for the first time, in what is, all things considered, a sweet moment. They’re all sweet with one another, slowly lapping up each other’s juices as they form an eating-out train. Momma Mercedes leads the way to the big O, instructing both girls to use their hands on her wet cunt. “Such good girls!” She beams, offering both girls supportive pats on the ass.

Coming back to a menage-a-trois between blondes, the third scene sees Alexis Fawx, Olivia Austin and Lily Rader. After discovering her sister Olivia strips on cam for money, Alexis wants to see what it’s all about! It doesn’t take long for her to get the hang of it, and Alexis has stripped out of her clothing and is making out with her sister! “Reminds you of college, huh?” Olivia jokes as their lips touch.

“Isn’t my sister so hot!?” Alexis says, but just as she’s getting really into the action, her daughter interrupts! Despite Lily’s hesitation with camming at first, once the dudes start offering her money, she’s in. They get $300 for some pussy eating action. Alexis spreads her legs and Lily gets the first taste. She’s entranced from the start, and can’t stop. Eventually, the threesome is full-fledged. Lily sucks on her mommy’s clit, while Olivia helps spread Alexis’s legs. Family bonding at its finest!

The last scene brings back Tanya (yes!) and joins her with Aaliyah Love and Zoey Monroe. After consulting a doctor about her daughter Zoey’s sleep-breast-sucking (kind of like sleepwalking, only you sleepwalk to the nearest available titty and suck on it), Tanya seeks the advice of her other daughter, Aaliyah. Together, they devise a plan. And their plan involves both girls sucking on Tanya’s tits — that way Zoey isn’t ashamed when she wakes up. The plan works! To celebrate, the lezzy ladies kiss and finger each other. Tanya proves she’s a doting mother by fondling both girls’ breasts, taking turns. Then, to help teach Aaliyah the pleasures of lesbian sex, Tanya rides her face. “Mommy’s gonna put a little pussy on top of your face,” Tanya says. Aaliyah nods, “I think I know what to do now, mommy!” And she proves that she does as Zoey kisses her mommy and helps bring her sister to the big O.

“Lesbian Family Affairs 4” will satisfy all your taboo cravings. That’s faux-sure!


A family that plays together, stays together! Sex is relative in Lesbian Family Affair Vol. 4!


Melissa Santana